The primary mission of the Lab

        To be the bridge and link of connecting basic research and engineering development of the leather area.
        To achieve the organic convergence and integration of basic research and engineering development.
        To improve the transformation speed of the leather cutting-edge technology’s research achievement to industry effectively. 
        To realize the organic interlink of industry-study-research, and enhance the international market competitive of leather industry fully. All research and developments are aimed at the key technology of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment in leather clean processing, and develop original set technology to develop high-efficient and energy-saving clean manufacture technology with self-intellectual property rights and comprehensive utilization rate of resource, and to enhance the leather industry’s self-innovation ability.
        To promote the industry-study-research cooperation and exchange. The Lab will be constructed as a radiant base to provide new technologies and an important foundation to train and produce high-level technical personnel.

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